The Broker articles (English)

The Broker is a think net on globalization and development. Connecting worlds of knowledge

  1. Van Eijk (2009). Multi-dimensional development, civic driven change and collective consciousness. The Broker. 
  2. Van Eijk (2010). The primacy of personal change. The Broker. 
  3. My comments on Frans Bieckmann, Feb 2010: Global justice: how? 
  4. My comments on Nils Boesen, Feb 2010: A complexity-compliant approach
  5. My comments on Jeffrey Sachs: Rethinking macroeconomics. Knitting together global society, Feb 2010: ‘Updated’ ethics
  6. My comments on Peter May: Ecological economics, Feb 2010: Trans-disciplinarity. 
  7. Van Eijk (2013). Systemic change, but how? Implementing systemic change requires consciousness development. The Broker. 
  8. My comments on Theo Rauch, 09 July 2018: Should and can development cooperation reduce labour migration?