Books and chapters in books

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  2. Van Eijk T. (2000). Holism and FSR. In: M. Collinson (Editor). A History of Farming Systems Research. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, Oxon, UK and FAO, Rome. [Chapter 11.1: p.323-334]    See also: voor Collinson boek; Holism and FSR 
  3. Van Eijk T. (2007). Ontwikkeling en arbeidsethos in Sub-Sahara Afrika. Het belang van gedragsverandering en bewustzijnsont-wikkeling. Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), KIT Publishers, Amsterdam. ISBN: 978 90 6832 610 9 (in Dutch). [Unfortunately, this book is no longer available. A pdf file can be downloaded at: VEijk-17febr.  A shorter English version is available, see below]
  4. Van Eijk T. (2010). Development and Work Ethic in sub-Saharan Africa. The mismatch between modern development and traditionalistic work ethic.
  5. Van Eijk T. (2010). Civic Driven Change through Self-Empowerment. Societal Transformation and Consciousness-Based Development. 
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  7. Van Eijk T. (2017). Spinoza in het licht van bewustzijnsontwikkel-ing