Work Experience

Key qualifications:

I am a senior rural development expert and multi-disciplinary tropical agronomist with extensive field experience in Eastern & Southern Africa. I worked over 20 years in Africa (4 long-term and numerous short-term assignments).

My focus is poverty reduction through integrated rural development. I have worked on assignments for FAO, IFAD, World Bank, UNOPS, ILO, AfDB, DGIS, FINNIDA, SIDA, NORAD, KIT, ICRA, Agriterra, PUM, and various Embassies and NGOs.

My fields of expertise are: sustainable rural development, tropical agronomy, on-station research, on-farm research, farming systems research and development, agricultural extension (Farmer Field Schools), commercialization of smallholder agriculture, value chain analysis and development, management and institutional set-up of agricultural research and extension, rural sociology including livelihoods approaches, erosion control and prevention through bio-engineering, sustainable land management, and farmer cooperatives and organizations.

I have field experience in rain-fed, flood-fed and irrigated agriculture with many food- and cash-crops. I am a pragmatic agronomist with insight in the wider context of sustainable rural development.

  • Demonstrated experience in all phases of project cycle management (including identification, appraisal, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs).
  • Advisory services to two private agricultural service providers in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Training of Trainer courses on the management of agricultural cooperatives (MyCoop) in Zambia, Lesotho, Nepal and Mongolia.
  • Training courses on agricultural entrepreneurship and value chain analysis & development in Tanzania and Lesotho.
  • Training courses in Farmer Field Schools in Egypt and Mozambique.

For a detailed CV, please send an e-mail (see Contact details).